Kuraray EVAL™

EVAL™ is commercially available in two forms: resins (plastic granules for coextrusion) and films (for lamination). The EVAL™ product line provides the world’s widest available grade range of EVOH resins and films. These unique high barrier polymers are particularly suited for preserving quality and avoiding waste in food, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial packaging.  They also help use energy more efficiently and reduce environmental impact in automotive fuel systems, building and construction materials and agricultural films.

EVAL™ provides excellent barrier properties against the permeation of gases, superior to those of any other conventional polymer. The gas barrier prevents oxygen to easily penetrate the package and spoil the contents. Discover how EVAL™ adds even more function to any product.

EVAL™ is available in many different grades of resin and film. Depending on the application requirements, it can be processed using different technologies, from conventional coextrusion to coinjection moulding to the lamination of monolayer films.

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