A&D starts promotion of KDchem products

A&D starts promotion of KDChem products.

A&D starts promotion of KDchem products

A&D has started its promotion of KDChem products including liquid and powder form PVC stabilizerrs as well as special plastisizers in UAE and GCC market.

Mr. Kim, International sales manager of KDchem visited UAE in first week of December to boost business relations with A&D and to visit their customers. 

KDChem, based in Korea, is a professional manufacturer of fine chemicals and in particular, PVC stabilizers. with more than 3 devades of experience, KDChem possesses a very high level of expertise in PVC stabilization and additives.

A&D is an international trader of polymeric raw material, with a special focus on ME and GCC region. 

A&D international trader of polymers